we’ll never be as young as we are now.


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8月 20th  

The youngest in SCANDAL, the oldest at home A rhythm that’s more than meets the eye is an explosion An advertisement all on her own, with mini skirts, dresses, and rock ‘n roll! She had a dream at three years old, and now She’s won the future! She’s at full throttle now! Yes! At full bloom!-  Happy Birthday Rina (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)  

8月 20th  ohhh hb rina cutie

“When I quit where I was before (NEWS), I also quit school. And at that time I was disowned by my parents, I lost everything. I wanted to try and believe, I wanted to penetrate what it was I wanted to do. But to be honest it was really hard. Because, I didn’t have confidence in anything any more…
But, whatever I might have lost I still thought I knew where it was I wanted to be. I swore at that time to face the people I troubled, my parents, the people who I betrayed and I would do my best. From here lets get up high! With that in mind, first I wanted to set a piano, guitar and vocal ballad centered band, only there I thought I could sing and be deep in my whereabouts.
At a live Toru came. “Lets make a band together!” he said. By all means if they were serious, Toru’s words I thought I would see what would come of them. If I’m with them I could seriously strike at something I came to think.

I, till now have always lived thinking I was alone. The fact was I was alone… not opening my heart to many people…but when I met with the members I have now, making people who ask for our sound, I can think I am not alone. Now, I feel the happiness of making my first friends. Because of that maybe, the lyrics lately little by little are changing. With each experience I think that ONE OK ROCK’s sound and songs I want to keep them alive. Each growth I wanted to work hard for and see.”
— Morita Takahiro / One Ok Rock

8月 20th  
8月 19th  gorgeous

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8月 19th  

It seems like gravity keeps pulling us back down.

8月 19th